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The Art of Tea Craft

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Playwrights craft plays. Shipwrights craft ships. Teawrights craft teas. Boston Teawrights is your starting point and your home for tea crafting. Here you’ll find recipes, techniques and more importantly fresh tea leaves. So let’s get started!

Begin crafting your own tea today with raw tea leaves.

All Tea Starts With A Leaf

Learn To Craft Tea

All tea begins as a fresh leaf. Green tea, black tea, earl grey all come from the leaves of the tea tree (scientifically known as Camellia Sinensis). By using different techniques and recipes you can produce a wide variety of teas. With one leaf, a whole world of tea is at hand. These techniques and recipes are what make up Tea Craft.

That’s where we come in. We use “Crafting” to describe the art of transforming freshly harvested leaves into a green or black tea.

How It Works

Sourcing Raw Tea Leaves

We Source

We scour the globe for unique tea farmers. Each month these growers harvest fresh tea leaves.

Crafting Your Tea Leaves

You Craft

In your home, you craft the leaves into a tea of your choice.

Enjoying Your Tea

You Enjoy

You enjoy the freshest tea made by your hand. Maybe even a friend or two can enjoy it with you.

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