Thanksgiving :: Bet you’ve never seen this before.

Oh, you think you have? So far correct, they’re tea leaves, but you still have never seen them before.

Oh, it’s some sort of green tea? Ok cool, but you still have never seen them before.

What’s so special about this? Why haven’t you seen these before? It’s because these leaves represent something entirely new to the Tea World.

This is the first tea ever produced in the Northeastern United States. Not blended. Produced, or Crafted as I prefer to say. We had the leaves harvested & specially packaged in Taiwan a week ago, per our own methods. The bag unsealed a couple of days ago in Boston. The leaves were then wok fired and hand rolled…a day later.

I’m calling the recipe, “Oliver’s Pick”. Maybe we’ll share the story some day. It tasted amazing! Despite looking like a beginner crafted the tea (which is truth), it had a very fresh taste with mild vegetal/floral flavorings. And light floral aroma like honeysuckle. I still need to perfect the steeping time & temp for this recipe, but it came out great!

Welcoming a new era for Craft Tea.

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