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The other week, I hopped onto a Skype session with Ricardo Caicedo. He invited me to chat about the Boston Teawrights, myself and of course tea. It was a fun exchange that he recorded for a podcast series he produces. Give it a listen by following the link below this post.

Ricardo is the man behind My Japanese Green Tea Blog. It’s a great blog revolving around Japanese green teas (of course). What makes him so unique, is that he lives in Colombia–a country not necessarily known for green tea, and definitely not Japanese. Ironically, living in a country known for coffee, he prefers green tea. His taste didn’t come out of the blue, but instead grew during his time living in Japan. Now his mission is to spread the word in the West so that Macha and Sencha are just as familiar to folks as espresso and latte.

Apparently I’m quite a talker. During the interview, Ricardo was pretty good at asking open-ended questions, or direct questions that I managed to twist into open-ended ones. Go me! We chatted about the Teawrights, what it means, and how tea is crafted. Of course, we also talked about the sencha process. It was a fun interview, and he kept things casual and at ease. I hope I didn’t talk his ear off…too much.

So if you love tea, love green tea, love Japanese green tea, or you’re simply curious about what I sound like, check out the 30 minute podcast using the link below. And until next time, enjoy the Teawright’s Journey.

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