Harvested last week in the mountains of Taiwan. Opened up last evening in the suburbs of Boston. Ready for processing into Black or Green tea!

Our test shipment was a success! The leaves were still firm and structurally intact. There was only a very mild floral aroma (it smells lovely!). Most leaf damage occurred to leaves that were in contact with the package sides (crushed a little). They remained green and ready for the next step!

This was a series of historical firsts for the Tea Industry. (Granted, I haven’t fact checked these…but I’m excited)

  • Longest stored “wet leaf” to stay usable (~1 week storage)
  • Longest distance traveled for “wet leaf” (7,700+ miles)
  • First time “wet leaf” has been seen, felt, smelled, tasted in the Northeastern US

For those who are curious, “wet leaf” refers to tea leaves that were harvested but not yet processed into any kind of drinking tea (black, green, white, etc).

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