An Interview with American Tea Growers

An Interview with American Tea Growers

When people talk about where tea is grown, the image in most minds is a mountain or humid field somewhere in Asia. People are also fairly familiar with the idea of tea being grown in Africa, although most of that tea makes its way to Europe. Few are aware, though, that there’s a growing movement of tea growers here in the United States.

In her quest to learn more about tea growth and terroir, intern Louise interviewed two folks working on US tea. She talked with Colonel Jason McDonald of the Great Mississippi Tea Company, and consultant Nigel Melican of Teacraft, Ltd. These two are collaborating to create a 5+ acre tea plantation in Mississippi. A unique idea in many many ways. Read here to learn what Louise discovers about the uniqueness of growing tea, let alone in Mississippi.

Withering Experiment

Today I’ll experiment with leaf withering. It will look nothing like this picture, especially since I don’t have a withering trough. I’m in Boston not India, so I’ll try it on the stove top in my kitchen. We’ll see how this black tea turns out once I’ve crafted it....

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