While browsing for ideas on different ways to make use of tea (the more creative the better), I came across Katja. She maintains a blog named “Nordljus” where she captures her creative journey. What caught my attention was something she did with tea bags.

Something I love about artists is the seemingly random bits of inspiration they come across, and the creative way they see the World. She is an avid tea drinker. One day when going to throw out spent tea bags, she noticed their beautiful, warm, brown color when dried.

Instead of throwing the old tea bags away, she saved them. Eventually she cut them open to re-purpose them as journal pages in her moleskine. After giving them a little white-wash to bring out their texture, she used them as the background of these lovely little sketches.

I encourage you to follow the links below the post to visit her creative blog, and check out a couple more images of TeaArt. I’m curious what others have done, so keep an eye here to find more postings like this.

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nordljus - TeaArt :: Tea Bags as Sketchpad Pages

nordljus – TeaArt :: Tea Bags as Sketchpad Pages


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