Importing Fresh Tea Leaves

Time to start digging in and figuring out the how-to and costs for importing “bought leaf” into the United States. I’ve been brushing up on the Incoterms including FOB (Free On Board), and have an idea of air-freight costs and how to get something packed at the supplier in an unusual way.

Yes, the initial journey for these tea leaves will likely be costly. But it’s a cost that I don’t believe is burdensome at all. It’s a cost that is easily incorporated into the product without making it expensive for folks who want to craft their own homemade tea.

As I get closer to finding suppliers abroad, this part of my project begins gaining more focus. At least now I can give more information to potential 3PLs (Third Party Logistical companies) / Importers so they can give me ballpark quotes. And I definitely want to contract these guys cause there’s no way I want to deal with all the red-tape of import regulation by myself. At least I know (if you’ve read the last post) that this is doable.


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